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Kathryn Swain

PLAY TOY, Kathryn Swain’s new single, is a sassy take on the relational dynamics of the modern dating game. This acoustic interpretation is worth a listen!

Captivating independent solo artist, Kathryn Swain, is a South African singer/songwriter who walks to her own beat and an international rhythm. Although originally Capetonian, she is actually a third culture woman who spent her early teen years living in Nashville, Tennessee (USA) and Stratford Upon Avon (UK). A gap year after high school was followed by the formation of her very own company “Kathryn Swain Music Pty Ltd” and Kathryn’s decision to make music her ‘day job’. Sheis determined to make her mark. “Although it is sometimes a tough road, I am especially grateful for my friends and family who support my dream and vision to be an international performer.” Known as "the girl with the golden voice" and described as a "prodigious talent", Kathryn delights in writing songs focused on love and social commentary, involving her personal experiences and her perceptions of what others have been through. She describes her music using the acronym “APWAM” which stands for “Alternative Pop with a Message”.Although her primary instrument is her classically trained voice, Kathryn also plays the acoustic guitar and very recently has also added the ukulele to her performances. At six foot tall, the striking young woman refuses to be boxed in any way. “I see myself as a prism, refracting light and universal wisdom through different genres, sounds, rhythms, and expressions. My goal is to capture eternal themes in contemporary and meaningful lyrics and sounds. I want to touch the world, and music is the avenue through which I intend to do just that. Music is a universal language, crossing all kinds of barriers because it is something that is felt rather than seen and resonates within the human heart.”A highlight of Kathryn’s career was recording her debut album “Little Box of Memories” with Duncan Mackay of Duncan Mackay Recordings. Besides this, Kathryn has been interviewed by various radio stations and newspapers as well as featured on News 24 and has performed in numerous different venues throughout Cape Town. In 2017, she looks forward to expanding her performance space locally and internationally.

WEBSITE: TWITTER: @kathswainmusic INSTAGRAM: @kathswainmusic FACEBOOK: YOUTUBE: Kathryn Swain channel

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