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The Eclectic Bedfellows

The Subverse is an organisation that puts on regular events called ‘The Eclectic Bedfellow Sessions’. Through encouraging collaborations between artists of different backgrounds, they’re an attempt at bridging some of the divides of Cape Town’s music scene.

This particular constellation is a result of one of these sessions and features Soundz of the South, a hip hop collective from Khayelitsha, Lelethu Manzini, a talented drummer from the Eastern Cape with a genre-spanning musical background, Sisanda Myataza, a jazz-influenced 'Xhosa-soul' vocalist, Matinino, a classically trained pianist and vocalist, and Kyle Robertson, a versatile bassist who’s played with a variety of different outfits, ranging from hip hop to death metal.

Written by Soundz of the South in 2011, the year Andries Tatane was beaten and shot to death in a service delivery protest, the song performed is a call for the decriminalisation of protests and justice for those who put their life on the line for a better future.

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