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PurpleCry is a dual-fronted alternative rock band hailing from the always-buzzing and scenic grounds of Cape Town. In their onset the group predominately performed as an acoustic act, yet over the years they’ve managed to hone a more progressive and fuller sound. They’ve mastered the act of locking a firm connection to audiences as an outfit comprising of Licia du Plessis’ incredible vocal talent and Marcel van der Westhuizen’s skilful guitar playing. The duo is certainly no stranger to the stage either. They’ve amassed a considerable amount of gigging experience since their inception, implementing various techniques of layering and experimentation during each live act in order to create bold and dynamic sounds. Their influential artists range from Panic At The Disco and Biffy Clyro to Jeff Buckley, thereby structuring a certain versatility within the group’s songwriting itself. Through the combination of refined vocal harmonies and intricately driven guitar phrases PurpleCry accumulates a clear balance between an air of vulnerability and intensity, which marks each of their live performances. They consider their music a small fraction of light to oppose the dark and often misguided opinion of the alternative rock genre and scene within South Africa. Through their personalised lyrics they seek to retain this light as an inspiring sense of hope or joy that listeners may engage with amidst individually trying and unsettling circumstances.

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