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Digby and the Lullaby

Digby and The Lullaby are the indie singer-songwriting duo that’s stirring hearts all over South Africa. Although their musical partnership spans just two years, Rouchelle Hubsch and Darren Digby Peens have already been hailed by their growing collection of fans as a match made in heaven.

On piano and lead vocals, Rouchelle Hubsch plays and sings with a haunting depth of emotion that far surpasses her young age. As an only child, Rouchelle found the piano a profoundly rewarding companion, and has been writing songs since she was seven. Now just twenty one, Rouchelle has already written over 60 songs, and caught Darren’s attention at the Kingfisher FM Do you Rock original music competition.

On guitar and backing vocals, Darren Peens fell in love with music when he was just 6 years old. Darren then got his first taste of ‘rock stardom’ as guitarist in Eminent Child: a band that found relative success in South Africa and Europe. These days, armed with a Dictaphone a note pad and an acoustic guitar, Darren never stops creating.

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