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Wandering from place to place, musicians look to showcase their talents for anyone willing to give them the time.  The constant struggle of making a living from their art.  My hope is to create a platform for viewers to discover local musicians as they give intimate performances and bear their raw talents for us to see.

So why am I doing this?  I have a love for music and the singer/songwriter.  I also have a new found respect for the "starving artist", trying to make a living solely on their art.  Spending all hours of the day, rehearsing, writing and hustling to find the next gig.  Hoping that one day, all their hard work will pay off. I am...providing the "starving artist"  another platform to showcase their art.  Providing the viewer an intimate look of a musical performer,  exposed and stripped down.  As we bask in the magnificence of their talent while quietly accepting all their flaws.  So, why do  I devote my own time to capture these performances?  I do it for the same reason they do.  I do it for the love of music.  #SupportLocalMusic

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